Gold Stars For Everyone!

  Hi, everyone! I get a gold star! And you get a gold star, and YOU get a gold star, and... I can’t believe I’ve just wrapped up my first week of blogging for the first time ever! For a while there it really looked like it wasn’t going to ever happen. So Yay Me! Guess what? I really enjoy blogging. Too bad it took me so long to find out. And I hope you’re enjoying a taste of my quirky weird. I promise my posts will get more interesting. I’ll try to post once a week. I’ll try not to bore you. If nothing else, Dear Reader, I hope you will take away a sense of never giving up and following dreams no matter how long it takes to find them. May you be inspired to get up, get out, and go do what you dream of doing, whether it’s picking up a paint brush or a camera or climbing a mountain. I’ll just leave you with one request. Please let me hear from you and your creative self! I’ve found that I thrive on communicating with other creative folks. Say hi and let me know what you dream of doing

Now Accepting Tribal Applications (No Blood Quantum Necessary)

Hello, again, Friends! I hope this post finds you doing very well today. As I've mentioned previously, my hope is to attract other creative folks to my cool space here! Whether you’re really accomplished in whatever it is you do, or you’re still not sure how to gratify yourself with creativity, this blog is for you! I want to know you! Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I’ve (finally) discovered a whole world of other creative souls like me. It’s literally the only place where I’ve successfully found others who are just who they are in their creativity. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find that within my local community, so I came here to discover and connect to folks. Yes! I’m talking about YOU. The zany, fun, goofy, quirky weirdos who create fun and funky stuff. Maybe you create beautiful oil paintings with your toes. Maybe you sew your own costumes and go to cosplay events. Or maybe you like to make mini movies and voice them. This is an all-inclusive zone! Yeah. You pe

Wait. Is This Thing Even On??

The whole blogging thing has been, in my humble opinion, done to death. Who even reads them anymore? The internet is so flooded with them that there’s a good chance no one will ever even see this one. Well, here’s hoping I get lucky! I’m excited to share my posts with YOU, whoever YOU are! As my company name implies, I’m a creative soul to be sure. I wasn’t exposed to very many outlets for my creativity as a younger person, so over time I’ve realized that I’m a much better person if I give myself ways to create and explore different avenues for that. Otherwise, well, let’s just say I’m broody. During my time of creative path finding, I discovered that I love to play musical instruments and play several with grand mediocrity. (I am self-taught, thank you very much.) My collection includes a guitar, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, violin, ukulele, and a penny whistle! And I thoroughly enjoy playing, even if badly. Most days I feel like Squidward Tentacles. (C’mon. Don’t act you don’t

Get Off Your Doofenshmirtz and Write Already!

I’ve finally started posting, because, well, let’s face it. This is way overdue. (Hello, 8 years?!) Also, it seems like the right thing to do these days when growing a small business. Especially if you’re a voice actor. At least this has been my observation. Just out there schlogging away at it daily until search engines find you. I get it. I know I have to put content on my platforms. Still. There’s a good chance no one will ever read what I’m posting right now. It’s frustrating. But if this IS being read, I’m excited to write to whoever YOU are (bless you for sticking around this long), because even if just one person reads my post, it’s a score for me. I've accomplished my goal of being a blogger that's been read. It’s like I’m pen pals with the entire world. I like it. So now I’m outa my weirdo closet and into the light for a while to share thoughts and ideas about being a voice actress and all the other creative stuff I get up to. The best part? I just might make a new fri

The Blog That Almost Wasn’t

I can’t believe it’s taken 8 whole years to write my first post! That’s how long it’s been since this blog was born. Guess I was waiting for some cool stuff to say. As you can see, I’m Nicole, Founder, President, CEO, Administrator, Supervisor, and Queen Bee of Good Girl Creative. I’m a voice actress and creative service provider. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I get to act with just my voice (no visual, thank god!) for anything from commercials to video games. It also means that if you have a creative project (like a commercial or film short) and need help putting it all together, I can provide you with everything you need from finding your perfect voice to producing it. It’s my dream come true! Welcome to the Hootenanny!