Get Off Your Doofenshmirtz and Write Already!

I’ve finally started posting, because, well, let’s face it. This is way overdue. (Hello, 8 years?!) Also, it seems like the right thing to do these days when growing a small business. Especially if you’re a voice actor. At least this has been my observation. Just out there schlogging away at it daily until search engines find you. I get it. I know I have to put content on my platforms. Still. There’s a good chance no one will ever read what I’m posting right now. It’s frustrating. But if this IS being read, I’m excited to write to whoever YOU are (bless you for sticking around this long), because even if just one person reads my post, it’s a score for me. I've accomplished my goal of being a blogger that's been read. It’s like I’m pen pals with the entire world. I like it.

So now I’m outa my weirdo closet and into the light for a while to share thoughts and ideas about being a voice actress and all the other creative stuff I get up to. The best part? I just might make a new friend or two. And that’s really why I’m here. After all, I created this blog 8 years ago for something spectacular! So... not such an arbitrary task after all. 


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