Gold Stars For Everyone!


Hi, everyone! I get a gold star! And you get a gold star, and YOU get a gold star, and... I can’t believe I’ve just wrapped up my first week of blogging for the first time ever! For a while there it really looked like it wasn’t going to ever happen. So Yay Me!

Guess what? I really enjoy blogging. Too bad it took me so long to find out. And I hope you’re enjoying a taste of my quirky weird. I promise my posts will get more interesting. I’ll try to post once a week. I’ll try not to bore you.

If nothing else, Dear Reader, I hope you will take away a sense of never giving up and following dreams no matter how long it takes to find them. May you be inspired to get up, get out, and go do what you dream of doing, whether it’s picking up a paint brush or a camera or climbing a mountain.

I’ll just leave you with one request. Please let me hear from you and your creative self! I’ve found that I thrive on communicating with other creative folks. Say hi and let me know what you dream of doing or already create! Until next time, stay well!


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