Now Accepting Tribal Applications (No Blood Quantum Necessary)

Hello, again, Friends! I hope this post finds you doing very well today. As I've mentioned previously, my hope is to attract other creative folks to my cool space here! Whether you’re really accomplished in whatever it is you do, or you’re still not sure how to gratify yourself with creativity, this blog is for you! I want to know you! Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I’ve (finally) discovered a whole world of other creative souls like me. It’s literally the only place where I’ve successfully found others who are just who they are in their creativity. Sadly, I’ve been unable to find that within my local community, so I came here to discover and connect to folks. Yes! I’m talking about YOU. The zany, fun, goofy, quirky weirdos who create fun and funky stuff. Maybe you create beautiful oil paintings with your toes. Maybe you sew your own costumes and go to cosplay events. Or maybe you like to make mini movies and voice them. This is an all-inclusive zone! Yeah. You people are my tribe.


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