Wait. Is This Thing Even On??

The whole blogging thing has been, in my humble opinion, done to death. Who even reads them anymore? The internet is so flooded with them that there’s a good chance no one will ever even see this one. Well, here’s hoping I get lucky! I’m excited to share my posts with YOU, whoever YOU are! As my company name implies, I’m a creative soul to be sure. I wasn’t exposed to very many outlets for my creativity as a younger person, so over time I’ve realized that I’m a much better person if I give myself ways to create and explore different avenues for that. Otherwise, well, let’s just say I’m broody.

During my time of creative path finding, I discovered that I love to play musical instruments and play several with grand mediocrity. (I am self-taught, thank you very much.) My collection includes a guitar, banjo, mandolin, mountain dulcimer, violin, ukulele, and a penny whistle! And I thoroughly enjoy playing, even if badly. Most days I feel like Squidward Tentacles. (C’mon. Don’t act you don’t know who that is.) But it doesn’t matter if I’m kinda bad! It’s still fun for me and my over-active brain! I’ve also learned to quilt (quilting arts and fabrics are amazing!) and draw with charcoals. And, of course, I'm a voice actress, so I spend most of my time inside a dimly lit studio closet, living out my wildest fantasies, whether it's slaying evil dragons or telling you with extension to choose. So what are you bad at? Or good at? What creative activities really get you going? Tell me all about it!


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